Cultivating Emergency Preparedness That Gives Peace of Mind.

One Family At A Time.

Family First


  Although my company, Eagle 1 CPR, continues to get amazing reviews and has grown dramatically over the past couple of years, my true passion is and will always be teaching families. When it comes to First Aid Preparedness, truly the most under served and (in my opinion) the most important demographic are the families. Unfortunately, too many times I have heard parents say, "I froze ... It just happened ... I didn't know what to do."  So I decided to do something about it.

Join me, as I'm on a mission to Cultivate Emergency Preparedness That Gives Peace of Mind. One Family at a time. 

My Story



 Growing up as a child in Spring, Texas I was an energetic little boy who loved going out into the woods and exploring. And along with exploring, came a couple of bumps, bruises, bites, broken bones, and bleeding moments. I remember one time, exploring the forest by my house, I found a sturdy nice sized tree branch to make as my new walking stick. Well, as soon as I got it off the tree, I got to work shaving off the tree bark and trimming the small branches with my pocket knife. Just as I had most of the bark off, my knife blade slipped off the bark and went right into my hand. As I started to bleed out I wrapped it up with my sweatshirt and ran straight home for my parents to take me to the ER. That day I got “another” 6 stitches. Funny to think about it now, just as much as I loved being out in the woods and exploring, my frequent visits to the ER and doctors also fascinated me. I wanted to be like those doctors, nurses, and techs teaming up and jumping in, taking action, and taking care of patients in need.  


Family Life

 Fast forward to today, the tables have been turned and now I am the family man married to a wonderful wife with 3 rambunctious little girls; who unfortunately are just like me and have gotten themselves to some heart pounding predicaments. Like when my oldest choked on a gumball sized bouncy ball, or when my middle daughter had a seizure for the first time at the grocery store, or even when my youngest climbed to the top of our dresser and fell unto our hard wood floor. On either one of these cases, just being open and honest, naturally as a father I wanted to freeze up because this was my own child, but I knew had to respond, and respond properly; my training kicked in.

Inconceivable as a child growing up, and truly thankful now, it only made sense that joined the Navy and became a Corpsman [Medic]. My love for the outdoors, adventure, and emergency medical sciences came all together in one occupation. 

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US Navy Veteran

 Randy Sarmiento "The First Aid Professor" is Navy veteran who served as both a "Blue-side" [Navy] and "Green-side" [Marine Corps] Corpsman [Medic]. As "Blue-side" Corpsman he served on Trauma teams, Surgery, and Clinical Education. As a "Green-side" Corpsman he earned his Caduceus Shield and Fleet Marine Force Pin serving as a Field Medical Technician (Combat Medic). 


Founder and CEO

With his background in Psychology and Counseling, and his love for the medical field, Randy founded Eagle 1 CPR wanting to bring to Families, Companies, and Individuals a better way to mentally prepare for medical emergency situations; just like he did in the military. Knowing that human life is precious and having a core belief that helping one another is the greatest thing we can do for our community, Randy built up  Eagle 1 CPR striving to empower people to help and not freeze up in those situations. Because of this, Eagle 1 CPR has a Perfect 5 star rating and is now the #1 reviewed First Aid Class in the San Diego County. 


Family Centered Workshops

As an acclaimed speaker and innovator in subject of first aid and emergency response, The First Aid Professor will bring a new perspective, revitalizing family preparedness and cohesion. Contact me, and we can design a workshop or presentation that fits the needs that you have today.

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B.R.E.A.T.H.E the long lost keys to dealing with emergency medical situations

Is this really happening? How could this happen, Why me ... why now ... why ... Does this sound familiar? Nine times out of ten, most parents do not know what to do when suddenly an emergency/stressful situations happens. They will either freeze up, react poorly, or even panic - all in which will eventually grow to make the situation even more worst. In an interactive and fun way, I have developed a course to give your family the specific tools to handle these types of situations.


Practical Life First Aid for Families

Not just any First Aid class, but a First Aid Class that creates trust and positive morale for the family.  I will not just teach you how to administer First Aid, but to truly know why they have to be done a certain way. I have formulated a First Aid course for parents and children to think things through methodically and practically. I don't just make First Aid fun and interesting, but use it as a means to create unity and cohesion within the family.


Building a good family culture through emergency preparedness

In building emergency preparedness within the family, individual contributions are helpful and great things. However, as a whole, the family's bond is measured by the family's culture and morale. In this workshop I will help parents learn how to identify, highlight, and cultivate their children's natural assets and feel great about what they are doing, both for themselves and their family.

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